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Evviva powered ChenMed’s launch of Intune Health; Empowering New Communities with Cutting-Edge Value-Based Care


ChenMed is a healthcare company dedicated to providing primary care services to underserved communities. Their network of clinics, located across several US states, offers personalized and comprehensive care through an integrated approach called “Value Based Care” that combines primary care, specialist care, and support services with a strong emphasis on physician-patient relationships, proactive care and a long-term view of patient health. ChenMed realized that, because of their focus on Medicare-eligible patients, where their brand was known, they were seen as serving the poorest communities. So when they  sought to expand their services to more affluent retirees with an innovative telehealth and clinical offering based on their successful model, they enlisted Evviva Brand’s expertise to create a new name and identity to penetrate and increase their relevance among this new target group, starting with The Villages, in Florida.


Evviva conducted extensive interviews with leaders at ChenMed and undertook in depth market research including a competitor analysis. Evviva’s research revealed ChenMed’s core equities: concierge service provision, integrated care, simplicity, personal control of care, value-based care and effective cost management. Most importantly, we learned that patients loved ChenMed–and they felt like ChenMed loved them back.


Evviva developed a broad array of naming options for the new brand informed by the research findings Evviva and ChenMed collaborated to select the new name “Intune Health.” ChenMed loved the new name because of its memorability, simplicity and because of the implication that one could feel “in tune” with one’s self and one’s health.

With the name selected, the process of developing a visual identity began. Evviva undertook several rounds of design exploration in close partnership with ChenMed to create the final Intune Health identity. Evviva Brands developed a style guide and brand story, aligning with the core equities and new expanded offering of value-based care, regional care centers and a new telehealth product. Through a comprehensive brand positioning exercise, the value proposition of Intune Health was defined as “Convenient, Simple, Complete”.


Although it is still early days, ChenMed were delighted with Evviva’s work. The transformation allowed ChenMed to effectively redefine its brand identity, overcome limiting perceptions, and expand its reach to appeal to more affluent customers. They have already seen some success in reaching customers in The Villages (Florida). ChenMed has since collaborated with Evviva Brands on multiple other projects, demonstrating a fruitful and ongoing partnership.

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