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Evviva Brands revamped Anchanto’s visual identity, messaging, and positioning, enabling Anchanto to emerge as a mature contender in the global e-commerce and logistics technology space.
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Anchanto is a technology company providing end-to-end solutions for e-commerce businesses. Comprising three brands (Anchanto, their Order Management System Sellu Seller, and their Warehouse Management System Wareo), the company has expanded rapidly since 2018, opening on average two new country offices per year. With the realization that their services could be expanded beyond Southern Asia, they set their sights on the markets of Europe and North America. However, they soon realized that this would present a large branding challenge – they did not look or behave like an American or European B2B company. As a result, Anchanto enlisted Evviva Brands to help reposition the company to compete in mature markets against  the likes of HP and Siemens, the most trusted brands in those marketplaces.


The first step was to identify Anchanto’s strengths and weaknesses. Through interviews with the full executive team and employees around the world, Evviva identified key advantages that would help Anchanto compete in the new markets. These included being cloud-native in a sea of legacy companies, their flexibility as a young player, their unrivaled understanding of e-commerce as well as an unrivaled willingness to meet customer needs.


Evviva used these insights to position Anchanto and to develop a new brand identity. One of Evviva’s main objectives was to bring together their three brands under one unified Anchanto brand. SelluSeller became Anchanto Order Management, and Wareo became Anchanto Warehouse Management. The visual identity would play a large role in portraying the new and refreshed Anchanto brand, with the block shaped logos and bold primary colors representing the fundamental value their products brought to their customers. The new Anchanto logo was created with a connection between the “a” and “n” to illustrate their commitment to seamless, flexible, and functional integrations across products. Evviva ensured Anchanto’s new design was modular enough to allow for the addition of new services. The messaging was also reworked to communicate Anchanto’s new vision, goals and innovations, and Evviva assisted in redesigning the website to reflect the updated brand positioning.


While it is still early days for results, Anchanto was thrilled with Evviva’s work. The brand repositioning aligns with their new vision and goals, showcasing their integrated system and the key advantages of their value offering in a sophisticated manner. With a clear message and strong brand identity, Anchanto is set up for continued success as they expand into Europe and North America.

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