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Helping the world’s leading subsurface data provider to diversify and refresh their brand, ensuring long-term prosperity for the company and the planet.


When TGS, a global provider of geological and geophysical data solutions holding the world’s largest subsurface data library, sought to diversify their offerings beyond the oil and gas industry, they knew this would present a huge challenge. Due to a multitude of reasons including the climate conversation, TGS wanted to find a way to apply their existing knowledge of handling huge data sets to new areas including solar and wind. TGS recognized the need for a partner with branding expertise, so they approached Evviva to guide them through the process of refreshing their brand and restructuring their brand portfolio to incorporate new divisions in the renewable energy sector, while preserving their existing strengths and reputation.


Evviva began by gaining an understanding of TGS’s business objectives and aspirations for growth. After conducting thorough research including interviews with TGS leaders, it became clear that to ensure the long-term future of the company, they would have to diversify their offering to meet the oil and gas industry where it is heading along Evviva’s Follow the Light strategy. The next task was to reposition the company and build trust in the new industries, while creating a unified company that could service their existing and new customers in harmony.


Evviva developed a set of portfolio strategy options and guided the board through the pros and cons of each option toward the Branded House structure which best met their strategy and growth objectives. This strategy ensured each division had its own brand value, while helping all the divisions to integrate into the overall TGS brand seamlessly, strengthening the brand.


Once executive leadership had signed off on the structure, Evviva developed an icon for each division, a comprehensive design system and additional assets to support the launch of the refreshed brand. Evviva’s work was completed in time for TGS to host Capital Markets Day 2023, where TGS’ CEO Kristian Johansen and board members spoke about their work in renewables, and since then have continued to establish TGS in the renewables sector, paving a new narrative for the company. The move has enabled TGS to diversify their revenue streams, explore new markets, and remain competitive in an evolving industry.

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