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Information about cookies and how we use them


A cookie is a small data file that a website’s server sends to a search engine, which is then stored on the user’s computer. When the user visits the same website again, the search engine sends this data back to the website’s server. Cookies are commonly used to tell users apart, store user settings etc., thereby simplifying website use. Cookies themselves pose no threat to computers. Nonetheless, cookies are important in relation to the issue of privacy protection, as a website uses cookies to store any information that it learns about the visitor, so it can gradually ascertain a specific user’s interests. However, cookies can, in no way, be used to discover the identity of a visitor.

Information obtained from cookies can be used for targeted advertising and statistical evaluation of the behaviour of visitors, etc. However, this information can be obtained even without cookies; therefore, their  use should not be viewed as particularly threatening.


On the website and other websites operated and supported by the Evvivabrands.


In summary, cookies are used for the optimal set-up of the information provided via all websites, links and other parts of the website. Cookies do not slow down web browsing.


If your browser does not use cookies, the website will not work properly. For example, the site would not remember the data you have entered and you would have to re-enter it every time.


We use partners to provide certain services. These partners also use cookies. These cookies are managed by third parties, and we cannot access them to read or extract data from them. Such third-party cookies are usually from systems that deliver advertising or analyse visits. On our website, we do use anonymous identifiers and third-party cookies to target advertising content. These cookies are processed by Evvivabrands  on the legal basis of users’ consent, which is valid for 365 days, or until revoked.


Analytical cookies help us to keep improving our website for you by tracking the statistics, e.g., total website traffic, clicks on a specific button, etc. We use Google Analytics, Google AD Sense and Google Tag anager as analytical tools. These cookies are processed by Evvivabrands on the legal basis of users’ consent, which is valid for 365 days, or until revoked.

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