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Prima (Rely)

From Prima to Rely: Crafting a Trustworthy Identity for Italian Auto-Insurance Company’s International Expansion


Prima, having experienced massive growth over their first five years of operation, became the biggest auto-insurance company in Italy. Having captured the Italian market with their memorable and advantageous name meaning “First”, they decided to expand their services to the UK given the similar market dynamics to their home country. However, fearing their name and therefore identity would not be transferable to the UK market, they sought Evviva Brands’ expertise to create a new name and a compelling visual identity that would resonate with the UK audience while reflecting Prima’s core values.


Evviva began by conducting in depth market research of the auto insurance industry in Italy and the UK to identify the core competitive differentiators which should be portrayed in Prima’s UK brand. Evviva also conducted competitive analysis and interviews with key stakeholders within Prima to gather valuable insights about the existing company. This research revealed that trustworthiness and reliability were key reasons for its success, as well as the company’s commitment to stand by its customers for the long term.

Using these insights, Evviva embarked on naming and visual identity. First, we developed presented a naming gallery featuring a range of different options based on the differentiators we’d uncovered. The name “Rely” stood out due to its simplicity, brevity, and inherent trustworthiness. It conveyed the brand’s promise of being reliable, a crucial factor in a sector where trust is paramount. Once the name was approved, we developed initial logo explorations, which we presented with short visual explanations of the rationale behind each design. (For example, incorporating the letter “P” within the “R”, to maintain a subtle connection to the brand’s heritage.)


The final design Prima selected exuded approachability and friendliness, with a repeated curve across the letters, making the brand more appealing to potential customers. We used purple as the primary color, a shade not commonly seen in the insurance market, and a heavy line weight to convey reliability, solidity, and help the mark stand out among competitors in small-space environments. (Many customers make insurance selections on comparison sites. Strong visibility in small space was a key design requirement.)  The logo also incorporated a period after “Rely” which added emphasis, reinforcing the brand’s promise: “Rely. You can trust us.”


“Rely” encapsulated Prima’s essence of reliability and trustworthiness, and the visual identity, with its distinctive use of purple and the stylisted period, further enhanced brand recognition and recall. Prima was delighted with Evviva’s work in helping them rebrand and pave a way into the UK market.

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