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Luxury Gold

Revitalizing Luxury Gold: Refreshing a Legacy Travel Brand for a New Golden Age of Travel


​​Luxury Gold is part of the world leading travel company TTC, which has a huge global brand portfolio encompassing everything from bus tours to ultra-luxury getaways. Luxury Gold offers personalized, luxury travel experiences in some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. The founder, Stanley Tollman, had shaped the brand around memories of the Golden Age of Travel, and as a result the Luxury Gold name was non-negotiable to change as was the concept of the ‘Golden Age of travel’. Luxury Gold commissioned Evviva to help tackle two issues: the brand had become dated in its look and feel, and their luxury positioning had become diluted by their lower-cost packages and deals. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, after almost two years of travel lockdown, Luxury Gold knew that the luxury travel market would be the first to bounce back and therefore it was critical for them to refresh the brand and reposition it to attract these high value customers.


Evviva began by evaluating Luxury Gold’s offering against their competitive landscape and against the other brands in the TTC portfolio, followed by market research, and interviews with the heads of each division as well as multi-trip loyal customers of Luxury Gold. We also conducted a comprehensive digital brand audit to identify gaps in their online presence.


Our research revealed the key differentiators and reasons why customers chose Luxury Gold: their ability to surprise and delight customers through creating bespoke experiences within a group travel setting, while incorporating a ‘Make Travel Matter’ sustainability and ethics agenda. From this, we came up with a concept: why aren’t passports stamped with experiences rather than countries? We coined this ‘Passport Moments’, as one of three brand pillars alongside Luxurious and Curated, which were central to Luxury Gold’s brand promise.

Evviva also embarked on a large brand design journey, with the aim to retain the essence of Luxury Gold while updating the brand. Taking this into account, we came up with the refreshed concept of the ‘New Golden Age of travel’, refining the abundance of flashy gold, updating the imagery for the website with a focus on people having experiences candidly and presenting destinations in their natural beauty. We also redesigned the Luxury Gold magazine, to inspire and convert potential customers through an elegant and refined composition. Evviva used the findings to create an updated brand framework and brand style guide to ensure consistency in messaging, tone, and visual expression.


The result of this process was a dramatically sharpened and differentiated brand position better aligned with the desires of the brand’s target travellers. This stood Luxury Gold in the best position to attract a new wave of high-end customers who were looking for personalized, socially responsible, and extraordinary travel experiences in the aftermath of the Pandemic and beyond.

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