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Delta Air Lines

How does the world's second largest air carrier find the right people to sustain their climb? By getting out of uniform and expressing the joy of travel.


Delta Air Lines is one of the major US carriers and is ranked second among the world’s largest airlines. Delta operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves 325 destinations in 52 countries on six continents.

Despite Delta’s impressive size and operational efficiency, Delta’s employer brand was relatively unmanaged (see example).

So, as part of a significant overhaul of the talent acquisition function, Delta issued an RFP for Agency Services and eventually selected Evviva as their brand partner.


Our work with Alaska Airlines had given us a good grounding in the industry. We knew the challenge wasn’t to attract candidates. (Delta had plenty.) It was to attract the right candidates.

Through interviews, focus groups, ethnography and desk research we began to clarify what set Delta’s ideal talent apart.

At Delta, the right candidates are explorers. They’re empathetic. They’re moral. The right candidates believe that connecting people is their calling and that the more we see each other, the better we understand each other.

But there’s more. When traveling, we often talk about “finding my way”: to the hotel, to the museum, back to my home. But what’s more pressing than finding your way is finding your why–finding the reason you do what you do.


At Delta, we learned that the most important “why” is connection. The concept that resonated with Delta from front line to senior leadership was the proposition that “connected, we climb.”

We expanded this concept to a creative suite and created a full set of brand guidelines to support all of Delta’s communications resources and their authorized messaging partners.


Once we’d developed the positioning and style, we developed a new look and feel for the Delta careers site.

We began with a half-day onsite at Delta. We shared a number of top-performing sites and developed a consensus view of how the new site needed to function, what was possible in the near-term, and what would be possible a little later on. From this, we developed a rough set of “whiteboard wireframes.”

Working with Delta resources and as part of a larger project to upgrade the candidate experience by better integrating talent messaging and self-selection tools, our next step was to turn those wireframes into Adobe XD files.

In collaboration with Delta, these were refined and finalized to create an experience that was both on-brand and user-focused.

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