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A Better Pitch

Pitches mark the start of most client relationships. They're how clients assess for chemistry and creativity. But they're flawed. And there's a better way.

Staff | AUGUST 1, 2016

LIKE EVERY SMALL AGENCY we struggle with how to feel about pitches. They’re  exciting. They’re fun. They can be some of the most creative things we do. On the other hand, they’re costly. They’re exhausting. They’re distracting. Not winning is…bad.

For clients, we imagine it’s a similar struggle. Changing agencies is exciting, but the process probably feels endless. Getting the agency list together. Agreeing on criteria. Writing the RFP, handling logistics, working with procurement, running a marathon–all while doing their day jobs and managing relations with an incumbent agency who’s likely to be disengaged or insecure. And if the results aren’t good…do it all again.

But is there a better way? Yes. Will Burns may not have the perfect model, but this Forbes article, The Pitch And Its Costly Blind Spot, is a great read. Credentials, cases, chemistry and brand philosophy are the universal pillars of great work and great relationships. And there are many better ways to assess them than the traditional pitch. 

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