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How does a German-based equipment manufacturer with essential factories in the United States and Mexico localize? We turned Webasto's "Special Plus" into a promise that resonated in all their markets.


The go-to resource in its industry for everything from sunroofs to charging systems for electric cars, Webasto is among the world’s top 100 suppliers to the automotive industry.

The success story of this German-based company demanded more corporate and tech-ops hires in the US and Mexico, but the English-language version of the company’s German employer brand campaign was not resonating with North American targets.

Webasto selected Evviva to refine and localize their employer brand positioning and tell their story in terms that would hit home in North America.


On-the-ground insight work in Michigan, Kentucky and Mexico revealed a hierarchy of proof points that made Webasto an employer of choice for its devoted employees and resonated strongly with right-fit talent–including emerging graduates in target markets.


German leadership roundly approved the North American localization, and Evviva’s careful consideration of global brand visual guidelines meant that the recruitment videos and campaign designs aligned with the company’s global recruitment efforts.

Meanwhile, the still and video photography shoots we conducted with Webasto employees in Rochester Hills and Irapuato meant that several new stars were born, currently to be seen on social media and industry events.


As Webasto continues its global expansion, our clients were thrilled with the North American positioning and campaign materials Evviva delivered — just in time for their internally-driven social media relaunch.

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